GCSE Students - We need your help!

We have a team of GCSE students giving ideas and feedback and testing our new apps. If you would like to join them, then click here now and we will get in touch with you.

DrSwot’s five steps to raising your grade

  1. Look at our Exams web page to find the apps available for you.
  2. Follow the link to your phone’s retail website and download the app.
  3. Use a Quick Facts session to revise topics that you want to practice on. ShowTheWord lets you revise whilst challenging you to name a missing word within a paragraph of revision material.
  4. Test yourself using our Multiple Choice and True-False sessions. Each session randomly selects six questions from a database of hundreds of questions and facts – so the more you test yourself, the more likely you are to remember the correct answers. The results graph will help you see how you are, er, improving (we hope).
  5. When you are doing well, clear the results graph, record a top score then bet your parents they can’t beat you!