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Written by GCSE Teachers for GCSE Students, DrSwot study apps are cheap, fun to use and a great way to revise and test yourself on the move.

Tailored to each GCSE exam board and using a database of hundreds of unique questions and facts written by the DrSwot team of GCSE teachers, each DrSwot study app uses a variety of revision and test formats to make studying a little less dull. We did say ‘a little’.

Here's what students are saying on iTunes about the DrSwot range of AQA GCSE Science Apps:

  ***** - 'More fun to revise with than books' by Dawgn on 26 April
'Thought this app woz ace. Made revising more fun.'
  ***** - 'Thanks DrSwot' by Mattmr on 19 April
'Really useful app, thanks.'
  ***** - 'Quiz of the year' by Ashley Temple on 19 April
'Love this app, makes revising fun and easy to use. I've used other educational apps and this is by far the best.'
  ***** - 'Great app!' by Andy on 13 April
'This is a great app, and an invaluable source of knowledge. I wish I'd found it sooner!'
  ***** - 'Worth each penny' by Yulia Matveeva on 9 April
'The best AQA app I have found around. Highly recommended.'
  ***** - 'Really helped my Chemistry' by Mr
'Great app which really helped my Chemistry – don't find Chem the easiest subject but DrSwot is easy to use and learn from.'

***** - 'Really useful and neat and just does what I have been expected'

by H2Oxin - Version 1.0 - 02 May 2011

'It helped get my head around electromagnetic waves and radioactivity!'